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Free online learning opportunities from the University of Washington, administered by UW Educational Outreach

Free Online Course: Fluency with Information Technology
Upgrade your IT knowledge and skills free of charge with this comprehensive self-study program. Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation, it is adapted from a popular 5-credit classroom course at the University of Washington.

OpenUW: Free Mini-Courses
You can take a free online mini-course through OpenUW. Choose from courses in business communications, history, literature, and more. For details, see


The ResearchChannel (formerly ResearchTV) was founded by a core group of research universities and corporate research divisions dedicated to broadening the access to and appreciation of individual and collective activities, ideas, and opportunities in basic and applied research.

One of the major goals of the ResearchChannel is to use content, content creation, and manipulation processes as a workbench to test materials for future analog and digital broadcast and on-demand multimedia offerings, thus providing an unusual opportunity to experiment with new methods of distribution and interaction on a global basis.

You can view the current ResearchChannel program by selecting one of the following links based on your connection speed. To view this streaming video, you will need the Windows Media Player, which you can download free from Microsoft.

The ResearchChannel program schedule is available at

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